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Summer Lovin'

The spring semester has ended, grades have been posted and GPAs have been updated! I am officially done with my second year as an MFA Graduate Student at FIU. I am taking summer courses which I am extremely excited about - so I suppose the second year hasn't quite

Coral Gables Museum - Venetian Posts Walk

Image Blurb - Starting at the museum, they provided a map for the guests to walk around and find each of 20+ posts. The artist's names and titles were provided as well.

wrapped up yet. I also have a new mentor that I will be working with for the next year which I am beyond blessed to have been paired with. I've spent the last two weeks of my summer semester preparing myself for the Independent Study Course (one of my two courses) and working on all of my professional and social accounts. This blog will hopefully precipitate into an addition to those accounts.

House - A Town Kitchen & Bar in Coral Gables

Image Blurb - After the walk around Miracle Mile, I enjoyed a lovely vegetarian dish at House and was impressed with their managers who checked in on me not once, but twice.

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